e are patient investors that seek to build value over time in partnership with strong entrepreneurs and operating teams. We invest in people and opportunities and that can demonstrate the potential for long-term profitability and capital efficiency. Our team has partnered with exceptional management teams in more than thirty companies in our targeted industries over the last decade. At East Peak Capital, we also look for unique opportunities to create value or take advantage of dislocations in our targeted industries. Given the structure of our fund, we have the freedom to consider unique or contrarian situations and flexibility to consider a variety of structures.

We invest in a variety of transaction types in our targeted industries:

  • Early Stage investments in capital efficient enterprises with proven entrepreneurs that possess a path to near term profitability.
  • Buyouts of cash flow positive companies with operating partners that seek to grow and/or transform the business.
  • Secondary acquisitions of equity positions in proven businesses typically from founders and/or legacy investors requiring liquidity.

We target equity commitments of up to $1 million in early stage opportunities. In buyout transactions or secondary acquisitions, we make equity commitments of up to $5 million with transaction sizes ranging up to $25 million. We have the flexibility to consider larger investments in combination with investment partners.