Investment Philosophy

East Peak Capital is a private equity firm that partners with management teams in early stage equity investments, recapitalizations, management-led buyouts and industry consolidations. Although we invest at different stages, our targeted investments share a common attribute: business models and management teams that embrace capital efficiency and have a near term path to profitability.

East Peak Capital is a growth investor with a value orientation and bias for capital efficient business models. We invest in software, recurring services, media, specialty distribution and value-added manufacturing. We have a strong interest in companies that can demonstrate growth potential organically or through acquisition.

Early Stage / Growth Equity
East Peak Capital invests with proven entrepreneurs in capital efficient businesses with that possess a path to near term profitability. We avoid investments in businesses that require significant time and capital to achieve market validation. We believe the ability to reach profitability opens the door to every other growth and liquidity option.

  • Proven entrepreneurs in Western US
  • Near term path to profitability
  • Long term growth potential
  • Recurring revenue software, media, business and consumer services
  • Initial investment of $100,000 to $1 million

Management-Led Buyouts
East Peak Capital invests with seasoned operating partners in the acquisition / buyout of cash flow positive companies that demonstrate growth potential organically or through acquisition. We are attracted to opportunities where we can create value by deploying new technology, improving distribution or enabling an acquisition. We have the flexibility to consider founder liquidity, spinouts and recapitalizations.

  • Proven operating team in Western US
  • Operating cash flow of $500,000 to $2 Million
  • History of profitability and growth prospects
  • Recurring services, media, specialty distribution, value-added manufacturing
  • Defensible business and diversified customer base
  • Equity investment of up to $5 million

Secondary Acquisitions
East Peak Capital has extensive experience in secondary acquisitions of equity positions in proven businesses typically from founders and/or legacy investors requiring liquidity. We view this as very complementary to our other investment activities and are attracted to investments in businesses that share the same characteristics as our other efforts. We have the experience and flexibility to consider a range of structures and can help facilitate a solution to meet the needs of management and legacy investors.